The following themes will give directions to the symposium:

  • EURATOM and IAEA Safeguards
  • Euratom system: beyond State level approach
  • Safeguards concepts
  • Strengthened Safeguards systems and Integrated Safeguards implementation
  • Plant-specific experience
  • Proliferation resistance & Safeguards by Design
  • Encapsulation and final repositories: concepts and technologies
  • Emerging Non-proliferation issues, like FMCT, CTBT, disarmament, …
  • Nuclear Safeguards, Safety and Security
  • Export Control of dual-use goods
  • Nuclear Security and Border Monitoring
  • Non-Destructive Assay
  • Destructive Assay
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Nuclear forensics
  • Containment and Surveillance
  • Secure data transmission
  • Novel approaches/technologies and synergies with other verification regimes
  • Materials control and accounting, auditing and information systems
  • Information collection and management
  • Data/information evaluation methodology
  • Remote monitoring/satellite imagery
  • Knowledge Management, education and training

Contributions may cover, but are not necessarily limited to, the above-mentioned topics / disciplines.